Pro-Trac Document Management

Do you know your properties' paint color?

Our team can assist you with developing an organized document tracking for your project needs.


Pro-Color service is our way of helping you keep all those paint colors and types organized. Below is our system:


  1. Match existing paint color or cross over paint types

  2. Provide highlighted and color-coded property map identifying color schemes per property

  3. Provide a ledger of painted surfaces with paint type and color name for reference

  4. Create a board layout using color samples for meetings and display

  5. Provide photo renderings in each new color scheme

Pro-Trac your project on-line from start to finish. Pro-Trac is our we-based document sharing platform that keeps everything you need on your property available to you at any time. Documents included (varies per project):

  • Association color-coded map

  • Sequences and schedule layout

  • Colors and color placement chart

  • Scheme layout options with product information

  • Photo Renderings

  • Secure Log-In Access

  • Real-time updates on schedule changes

  • Capability of viewing anytime and anywhere

It could seem an impossible task to choose the right colors for your project, or to build several color schemes for an association. We offer PRO-COLOR consulting services to help you in building the perfect portfolio of colors for any project. We also offer our PRO-TRAC online that allows you to track your projects from start to completion with access to paint products, colors, photo renderings, painting notices, and property sequence maps.

ledger sample.jpg
The Groves at Carmel Del Mar -Sequence M