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Many projects include working with wood rot and wood repair, especially in the San Diego County. We handle all services regarding wood repair including:


  • Our own Physical Wood Inspection with detailed report

  • All Wood Repairs

  • Wood Rot Removal

  • Termite Repairs

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Wood repair is an important step BEFORE you start any exterior painting project.
View our diagram on full painting preparation.
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Example of wood inspection report
What is a Physical Wood Inspection?

A physical wood inspection requires a carpenter to examine any wood surfaces, soffits, eaves, fascia and decorative molding. Every two to four feet of wood will be probed for damage such as:

  • Termite damage

  • Dry-rot

  • Weathered wood

What are the benefits of having a Physical Wood Inspection?

You will be provided a detailed 'punchlist' that includes the building, unit, location, description of the damage and quantity. The punchlist can be used to have potential contractors bid equally on the repair/replacment.

What is the difference between a Physical Wood Inspection and a Visual Wood Inspection?

A Visual Wood Inspection can see the surface-level damage from the ground-level only is unable to determine the deterioation within the wood. Whereas a Physical Wood Inspection requires probing to every wood surface to assess the damage and repairs needed.