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Weatherproofing Your Properties

The rainy season can cause unwanted problems on any property. Taking preventative action is as easy as calling your professionals to inspect your properties for any areas of concerns.



What is Elastomeric? They are designed to protect masonry surfaces against moisture, wind driven rain and can create a waterproof system if applied correctly. There are several benefits to choosing Elastomeric coatings on your projects, but they also may not also be necessary for every project.


-Watertight secure coating that will prevent water and moisture from intruding into surface.

-About 5-10x thicker than regular paints.

-Noticeable difference in coverage/hide and strength of coating.

-Bridges hairline cracks that often occur in stucco over time.

-Consists of flexible and stretchy compositions, allowing the coating to be able to move and bend with the structure.


-If substrate is not properly sealed and prepared prior to coating, blistering and peeling can occur. Elastomeric coatings prevent water intrusion but does not prevent existing water issues that occur beneath the coating.

-Due to Elastomeric being a thicker consistency, it has less square footage than regular paint.

-Application can be a challenge. When spraying it is required to back roll for even coverage.

-If not applied properly, coating can blister, crack, uneven coating or blushing.


-other sealants



Weatherproofing Windows

Ideally windows should be airtight to prevent rainwater and other elements from entering the home causing any structural damage. With properly seals windows it will also increase energy efficiency decreasing the issue of heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer.

Gutter Cleaning and Repairs

As beautiful as Fall can be, this season can cause debris and dirt to congest your gutters and downspouts; possibly causing future damage to your homes and properties. This is the perfect time to maintain your properties before the rainy seasons begin. Though, leaves fall all year long it is recommended to clean them every few months especially in environments with heavy tree climate.

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